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So this might be a little confusing but bear with me. In short I want to loop over all attributes with a certain key value and then insert them into a template if the values are not empty. Here is my code:


# === Default file Configurations
default['elasticsearch']['default']['ES_USER']              = ''
default['elasticsearch']['default']['ES_GROUP']             = ''
default['elasticsearch']['default']['ES_HEAP_SIZE']         = ''
default['elasticsearch']['default']['MAX_OPEN_FILES']       = ''
default['elasticsearch']['default']['MAX_LOCKED_MEMORY']    = 'unlimited'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['MAX_MAP_COUNT']        = ''
default['elasticsearch']['default']['LOG_DIR']              = '/var/log/elasticsearch'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['DATA_DIR']             = '/var/lib/elasticsearch'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['WORK_DIR']             = '/tmp/elasticsearch'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['CONF_DIR']             = '/etc/elasticsearch'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['CONF_FILE']            = '/etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml'
default['elasticsearch']['default']['RESTART_ON_UPGRADE']   = ''


<% node['elasticsearch']['default'].each do |host| -%>
    <% if node.elasticsearch.default.host not nil -%>
        <%= host %>=<%= node.elasticsearch.default.host %>
<% end %>

OUTPUT (hopefully):


My ruby isn't the best because I'm just starting out with all of this stuff but I couldn't find any examples for this type of situation. Any help would be great, thanks.

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What you probably meant was:

<% node['elasticsearch']['default'].each do |key, value| -%>
    <% unless value.empty? -%>
        <%= key %>=<%= value %>
    <% end %>
<% end %>

When iterating over a Hash, you go over its key-value pairs. So for the first iteration, key will be 'ES_USER', and value will be '' (which is not nil...).

Next you check that the value is not blank?, and print out the key=value line.

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Thank you... your answer was spot on except for a missing <% end %> after <%= key %>=<%= value %>. –  jarsever Mar 7 at 0:50
Oh and it is actually unless value.empty? because for some reason it wasn't accepting blank in the function. –  jarsever Mar 7 at 17:38

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