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I am trying to build a grouped list for a windows phone app. When I use this query I get the grouped list, but it is not sorted:

return await _dbConnection.QueryAsync<Employee>(
    "SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE Active = 1");

When I try to add an order by clause, I get zero results:

return await _dbConnection.QueryAsync<Employee>(
    "SELECT * FROM Employee WHERE Active = 1 ORDER BY FirstName");

I know "FirstName" is the correct column name.

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If you get an enumerable list from your QueryAsync method, you can just sort the list afterwards. This allows some flexiblity as well, so you can sort by other fields if you would need to in the future.

list.Sort(emp => emp.FirstName); //list would be the list you obtain from the query above.
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Yes, that's what I ended up doing. Odd that the ORDER BY won't work in the query, though. –  JeffCren Mar 7 at 3:34
@JeffCren true, true. I'm not very well-versed in SQLite, but I generally won't sort in the database if I feel like I would need to sort it by other columns afterwards. Not sure if it's a standard, but that's mine :) –  miguelarcilla Mar 7 at 3:39

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