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In a makefile, I have the following:


    echo $(SHELL)

This is on MS Windows. The situation is that make is in the PATH (or is being directly invoked) but an acceptable shell (i.e. sh.exe) is NOT in the PATH. Neither is it an option to globally modify the PATH variable to include a sh.exe (too much potential conflict between Cygwin, msysgit, and more). Therefore, make defaults to using the Windows cmd.exe command processor, which is hardly ideal.

It is an option to set a system-wide environment variable other than PATH however. So I had the bright idea of putting a path to the directory containing sh.exe in SOME_DIRECTORY and then using it in the SHELL variable in the makefile. But it's not working for some frustrating reason:

echo sh.exe

If I use any other variable than SHELL and echo it, then it prints the expected result. But of course that doesn't have the desired effect of changing the shell.

What am I missing here? What do I need to do to have an environment variable with a custom user-specified name (i.e. not SHELL, PATH, etc.) affect the shell used by make?

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Unfortunately make's behavior with shells on Windows is complicated, because Windows doesn't have a decent shell. There is some discussion of the Windows-specific behaviors in the GNU make manual: If that doesn't answer your question I recommend you ask on the mailing list, which is specifically for questions about GNU make on Windows--lots of people who are very knowledgeable about this hang out there. – MadScientist Mar 6 '14 at 22:53
Use Cygwin make. Very compatible and cross-platform. (Your example works fine there for example.) – bobbogo Mar 6 '14 at 23:38

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Which make are you using? GNU make (gmake) 3.82 is most common and it should work in the way you expect. As MadScientist notes, gmake behaves differently under windows wrt SHELL.

You should be able to set SHELL to the full path of an existing executable file, and gmake will use it to execute commands.

However: if SHELL is not set OR if it is set to a non-existent file, gmake will use the value of ComSpec (mind the caps) as the shell.

Is there an exe at the test path you're using? So $(SOME_DIRECTORY)/sh is an existing exe? (Note that you can omit the '.exe' and gmake will supply it for you, but the file must exist)

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