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Is there an open source or public domain framework that can document shell scripts similar to what JavaDoc produces? I don't need to limit this just to a specific flavor of shell script, ideally I would like a generic framework for documenting API or command line type commands on a web page that is easy to extend or even better is self documenting.

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If you have Perl, here is an example of someone who used Perl's POD system for documentation of a shell script.

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Although Doxygen doesn't support bash script files, you can make Doxygen work with bash

If you don't mind the docs being separate to the code you definitely should check out ronn.

You might also find Shocco useful, even though it's not the same as JavaDoc (the code is an integral part of the docs).

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You might consider Doxygen. While it's mostly used to document C-ish languages like JavaDoc, you can probably come up with a setup that will work for shell scripts with a bit of wrangling.

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The standard method of documented shell scripts is to use troff and in script comments similar to C. Though I would suggest using the "Here-Document" method from Steve's post if your really need something that would be more extensible to embed either your troff/pod/rdoc/jdoc code.

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