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Is it possible to run Asp.Net Mvc as OWIN middleware? What is necessary for this? I can't seem to find anything about this but I have no idea why it wouldn't be possible.

Is it possible? Is it easy? Does the question make sense?

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Why do you want to do that? What's the use case? –  George Stocker Mar 7 at 0:14
@GeorgeStocker at the moment just knowledge, but eventually to be able to distribute vertical application slices via nuget as OWIN middleware. For example a user management component that includes the ui for administering user accounts could be built in asp.net mvc and included in an Mvc, Webforms, Nancy, and OpenRasta project equally. –  George Mauer Mar 7 at 2:04
Another use case is to create a standalone console app that is capable of executing any in-browser unit tests (eg jasmine) –  George Mauer Mar 7 at 16:46

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Currently ASP.NET MVC doesn't run on OWIN. Web API will because it's been decoupled from System.Web, specifically HttpContext. This is the main dependency that prevents MVC from running on OWIN as well.

Some alternatives that do run on OWIN are FubuMVC, Nancy and Simple.Web

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Checkout project Helios. Possibly fill the need.

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No, MVC depends on System.Web.dll (and thus IIS).

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I don't understand. Why does a dependency on IIS mean that I can't run it as OWIN middleware? Can't you build OWIN middleware that adapts an IHttpHandler or am I missing something? –  George Mauer Mar 7 at 22:27
In theory it's possible, but it's not that way today. You can combine the two -- OWIN middleware can run in the IIS pipeline, but MVC itself is not a pure OWIN middleware component (and as such can't run in a non-IIS OWIN host, for example). –  Brock Allen Mar 8 at 1:49

You may look at Katana.Boot.AspNet but as Chris Ross said it's just a "hello world" prototype without any futher development. Also you may look at OWIN Gate's era ASP.NET pipeline adapter.

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Oh! And here we can change the world :^) –  makovich Mar 8 at 22:12

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