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So I know I'm asking a somewhat basic question, but it's been rather difficult to search for as I don't know what to call what I'm talking about (I know label is a tag and searching "label" yields results I don't want).

So I have a basic form, with an input. I want to use jquery to change the name of the input field. Here's a watered down version of the line.

<div id="ent1">Name <input type="text"> <button type="button"> Just a button </button></div>

How do I change "name" to something else like "computer" or something using jquery?

Thanks in advance.

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Use a label tag for the label and then use Jquery to find it using the below.

<div id="ent1">
    <label for="name">Name</label>
    <input id="name" type="text">
    <button type="button"> Just a button </button>

$("label[for='name']").text = "new value"
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welcome to stackoverflow! in general, code-only answers are discouraged... better if you can include some explanation as to how this fixes the issue. –  Corley Brigman Mar 7 '14 at 0:58

It is easier to wrap it in a element like span

<div id="ent1"><span class="label">Name</span> <input type="text"> <button type="button"> Just a button </button></div>


$('#ent1 .label').text('new label')
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Ah, alright. I was thinking along those lines with the label tag but weird things happened. This makes sense. I'll implement this shortly and report back. –  MikelG Mar 7 '14 at 0:24

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