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In my image I have 5 Objects in black-white form. Some are respectively small, some are bigger. So what i am trying to do is drawing a BoundingBox or tag the objects which has less area than others (ex. under 10pixels/area) .

I couldn't make this happen, can anyone help?

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Have you spent time in investigating regionprops. I could give you answer in a minute but you have to show us what you have tried. –  Parag S. Chandakkar Mar 7 at 2:18

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That's two separate problems. The first is to select only objects above a certain area. So simply remove all objects below it:

clean = bwareaopen (im, 10); # remove all objects with area below 10

Then for the second problem there are many possibilities. You can get their borders:

borders = bwperim (clean);
imshow (borders);

You can label them:

labeled = bwlabel (clean);
imshow (labeled);

Or you can get their bounding box (which depending on the shape of your objects may overlap):

props = regionprops (clean, 'BoundingBox');
all_bb = props.BoundingBox;
boxes = false (size (clean));
for i = 1:numel (all_bb)
    bb = all_bb{i};
    bb(round (bb(2):bb(2)+bb(4), bb(1):bb(1)+bb(3))) = true;
imshow (boxes);

Note: this was written out of my head, no testing. There may be small oversights, but nothing major.

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