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I'm trying to use a PHP code to get stuff from a simple database but I'm facing some issues with it. :(

So, whenever I run the code below, it only returns me two lines of data (not ordered, i couldnt find any logic in it). By the other side, if I use the exact same SQL query on phpmyadmin SQL terminal, it returns me all lines with no problems.

I'm passing the parameter "v" in the url: graph-th.php?v=4bd33036b221c9b69f13d9d0

This is the code:

        include "db.php";
        $venue = $_GET['v'];
        $result = mysqli_query($dbhandle,   "SELECT * 
                                            FROM temperatures 
                                            WHERE local='$venue'
                                            ORDER BY `temperatures`.`date` DESC"
        echo mysqli_num_rows($result) . "-----";
        while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){
             echo $row['date'] . ", ";

I'm using the same idea for other SELECTs and it's working perfectly. I really cant understand why this one is not working... :/


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First, your code is vulnerable to SQL-Injections. Escape $venue before inserting it into the query. Second: The code seems fine: May v contain ANY Special Chars like %? (%20 in the URL will become a whitespace in the code / query.) –  dognose Mar 7 at 1:51
@dognose I changed that line to $venue = mysqli_real_escape_string($dbhandle, $_GET['v']); but nothing happened yet. v contains no special chars or spaces, only nums and letters. –  diegodacal Mar 7 at 2:04
OKAY OKAY! You can call me stupid. I was connecting to the wrong database. Thanks for you help and patience. –  diegodacal Mar 7 at 2:45
Escaping isn't the sufficient way to avoid SQL injection; Since you're using MySQLi (which is a good thing), use prepared statement and variable binding should be a more appropriate way. –  Passerby Mar 7 at 4:47
Thanks both of you for going beyond my question and helping me securing my code. I'll definitely take a deeper look into those things you said! :) –  diegodacal Mar 8 at 14:57

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