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I have inherited a very legacy application, a VB6 app that uses Crystal Reports 8.5 to run a bunch of business-critical reports. Currently the application uses SQL authentication, with usernames and passwords hard-coded in the application; obviously this is a security hole you could drive a London bus through, especially when you consider a decade's worth of staff turnover in the IT department, so we are trying to lock down all access to our production databases to use Windows integrated authentication.

So my question is, how can I run a Crystal Report using trusted authentication? The current line of interest in the VB app is:

CRApp.LogOnServer "p2sodbc.dll", sSystemDSN, "DBQ=<CRWDC>Database=" & sDatabase, sUserID, sPwd

I've only been able to Google up a few unanswered questions from the early 2000s about this, no-one is actually 'fessing up to getting trusted security running with CR.

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hi give a look at this link maybe it will help you experts-exchange.com/Database/Reporting/Crystal_Reports/… –  Raphael Mar 7 at 6:53

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