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I have a collection that has an EmbeddedDocumentField. I'm having trouble finding examples of how to delete an embedded document from the collection. Can someone provide me with an example or reference to one?

Here is what my setup looks like:

  • Python 2.7.5
  • Django 1.5.5
  • MongoEngine 0.8.7


class Merchant(Document):
    merchant_id = StringField(max_length=50)
    merchant_name = StringField(max_length=150)
    merchant_name_search_alias = StringField(max_length=150)
    website = StringField(max_length=150)
    location = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(Location))
    address = StringField(max_length=50)
    city = StringField(max_length=30)
    state = StringField(max_length=20)
    zipcode = IntField()
    phone_nummber = StringField(max_length=10)
    sub_lat = FloatField()
    sub_lng = FloatField()
    country = StringField(max_length=20)
    promotion = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(Promotion))

class Promotion(EmbeddedDocument):
    provider_name = StringField(max_length=50)
    provider_website = URLField()
    promo_name = StringField(max_length=300)
    promo_name_search_alias = StringField(max_length=100)
    retail_price = DecimalField(precision=2, force_string=True)
    discount_price = DecimalField(precision=2, force_string=True)
    deal_url = URLField()
    buy_url = URLField()
    deal_image_url = URLField()
    description = StringField(max_length=1000)
    start_at = DateTimeField()
    end_at = DateTimeField()
    category = StringField(max_length=50)
    dq_category = StringField(max_length=50)
    keywords = StringField(max_length=100)
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Can you just update the outer document and set the embedded document to null? AFAIK an embedded document is just a field that happens to be a subtree. –  9000 Mar 7 '14 at 2:35
I haven't tried that but seems like that would work. I'm new to MongoDB and MongoEngine so wasn't sure if there was a "proper" way to do it. Thanks! –  Jeff E Mar 7 '14 at 5:56

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You can $unset a field using MyDoc.objects.update(unset__myField=1) Or using $pull to remove a single value from a list eg: MyDoc.objects.update(pull__myField=Value)

See: http://docs.mongoengine.org/en/latest/guide/querying.html?highlight=unset#atomic-updates

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Awesome thank you Ross! –  Jeff E Mar 7 '14 at 16:54
@Ross could you help me with this? –  Anand S Oct 2 '14 at 12:32

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