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Still learning regex. I have this nicely matching regex that checks for any kind of date:


The idea was to capture dates like 2-4 or 12/30.

  • However, it will match things like 20-30 or 40-50. This should be bounded by the 12 months in the year and max 31 days in a month.

  • It also doesn't seem to match 6/1.

How can I do this? Still learning so thanks for your help.

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This is surely the most arduous way to verify a date string. I can't even imagine why you would need to do this. –  woz Mar 7 at 2:58
Since you are learning, you might like to experiment with a tool like regex101.com , and try it out there. –  helderdarocha Mar 7 at 3:09
I am being pedantic in learning regex. How would you do this, woz? –  Delos Chang Mar 7 at 3:45
It's inappropriate to use the regex here, since if you want an exactly right result the expression will be too complex, considering that different month has different total days. 2/30 or 4/31 are both illegal date string. There are too many logical rules and you should enforce the users' input (like a datepicker ui), not verify the inputs afterwards. –  Jiang Mar 7 at 4:07
I've already given such an answer here: stackoverflow.com/a/3873172/372239 –  M42 Mar 7 at 10:38

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