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I'm working on one of the CakePHP Site, URL which i would like to use is given below,


Actually above URL working fine in my local server, but its creating error when i upload and tried to run on live server


Error : Notice (8): Undefined variable: controller [APP/View/Errors/missing_controller.ctp, line 34]

Controller name / Model Name : RequestUserController/RequestUser

but Its working fine if i use below URL on live sever,


Can anybody please help me out why its displaying error with previous URL (www.myhost.com/requestuser)

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Sounds to me like you're using a server with case-sensitivity issues. Linux servers react differently than Windows servers do. On Linux, Var is not the same as var. You could use a Redirect Apache directive to redirect if you want to go that route. –  Fred -ii- Mar 7 at 5:16
Yes, i'm using Linux server for live, but all other links works perfectly with same structure, problem occurs with this new module only! –  Chandresh Mar 7 at 5:19
Hm... most bizarre. Are all the other modules with the same structure also on the Linux server and working well? –  Fred -ii- Mar 7 at 5:21
Yes, Thats what confusing me! –  Chandresh Mar 7 at 5:22
Is there anything related to it that could be inside an .htaccess file? Also double check your controller files for letter-case. –  Fred -ii- Mar 7 at 5:26

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