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My application have a queue in a shared memory which is fed by another process. My main thread is looping over io_service.poll() to detect incoming event (mainly socket ones), and I would like to be notified through io_service.poll() when something is pushed into this queue.

Before migrating to boost.asio, I used to use the following mechanism: - extra thread polling onto the queue. - on new element, I write into a pipe to notify main thread. - main thread is looping over a select. On new element, pipe wakes up the select and I unstack my queue in a callback.

Is there more elegant ways to achieve similar behavior using boost.asio?

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Why don't you try some asynchronous examples from boost? –  AbhiP Mar 7 '14 at 5:16

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On windows, you will probably be able to use the Windows Object Handle service

Other than that I've seen some samples on integrating user-defined services here

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