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I am able to capture axes and curve values using Axes and Line2D objects. But how can I capture only the changed/modified value ie if user changes only one parameter say line color, how to get that. Is there any signal emitted that can be caught.

This is sample code from lib/matplotlib/backends/backend_qt4.py

    def edit_parameters(self):
       allaxes = self.canvas.figure.get_axes()
       for ax in allaxes:
          print ax.get_title()   # gives the axes title
       for line in axes.get_lines():
           print "linecolor=",line.get_color() #gives the line color

        item, ok = QtGui.QInputDialog.getItem(
                        self.parent, 'Customize', 'Select axes:', titles, 0, False)

                    if ok:
                        axes = allaxes[titles.index(six.text_type(item))] # here they get the axes modified

        figureoptions.figure_edit(axes, self)

Also if there are multiple axes, how do I know linecolor of which axis is changed? Basically how to know which axis parameters are modified.

Please share your suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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