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I am setting up Slony-I v1.2.20 in Postgresql8.4 on windows. I've already register Slony-I service and add 3 engines(master, slave1 and slave2). Everything is working fine until I create New Slony-I cluster in replication tab of postgresql DB.

It shows Slony-I creation scripts not available; only joining possible. and I cannot click OK. I did some research and I found I need to create Slony-I script using slonik command.

I run slonik "E:\slony-I creation script.sql" but I got the following error:

E:\slony-I creation script.sql:8: PGRES_FATAL_ERROR load '$libdir/xxid' - ERROR: could not access file "$libdir/xxid": No such file or directory E:\slony-I creation script.sql:8: Error: the extension for the xxid data type cannot be loaded in database 'host= user=postgres password=postgres dbname=master'

My "slony-I creation script.sql" is as follows:

cluster name = pgbench;
node 1 admin conninfo = 'host= 
user=postgres password=postgres dbname=master';
node 2 admin conninfo = 'host= 
user=postgres password=postgres dbname=slave1';
node 3 admin conninfo = 'host= 
user=postgres password=postgres dbname=slave2';
init cluster (id=1, comment='Node 1');
# Create set of tables with one table 
create set (id=1, origin=1);
set add table (set id=1, origin=1, id=1, fully
qualified name = 'public.t');
# Create node for second engine
store node (id=2, comment='Node 2');
store node (id=3, comment='Node 3');
# Create paths between the two nodes
store path (server=1,client=2,
conninfo='host= user=postgres 
store path (server=2,client=1,
conninfo='host= user=postgres 
store path (server=3,client=1,
conninfo='host= user=postgres 
store listen (origin=1, provider=1, receiver=2);
store listen (origin=2, provider=2, receiver=1);
store listen (origin=3, provider=3, receiver=1);
# Subscribe the slave
subscribe set (id=1, provider=1, receiver=2, 
subscribe set (id=1, provider=1, receiver=3, 

Any suggestion and opinion is greatly appreciated!

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