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    $(".main_image .desc").show(); //Show Banner
    $(".main_image .block").animate({ opacity: 0.65 }, 1 ); 
    $(".image_thumb ul li:first").addClass('active');  
    $(".image_thumb ul li").click(function () 
        var imgAlt = $(this).find('img').attr("alt");
        var imgTitle = $(this).find('a').attr("rel");
        var imgDesc = $(this).find('.block').html();
        var imgDescHeight = $(".main_image").find('.block').height();

        if ($(this).is(".active")) 
        return false;
            $(".main_image .block").animate({ opacity: 0, marginBottom: -imgDescHeight }, 250, 
            function() {
                $(".main_image .block").html(imgDesc).animate({ opacity: 0.85, marginBottom:"0" }, 250 );
                $(".main_image img").attr({ src: imgTitle , alt: imgAlt});

i have changed click with mouse over, but how can i set mouseout event? Thanks in advance

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I don't see your mouseover event handler.

If you want a mouseover/mouseout handler, use hover() like so:

function() {
    // my mouseover code
function() {
    // my mouseout code


OK, I think I understand. To bind a 'mouseout' event (or any event) do the following:

$('#myelement').bind('mouseout', function() {
    // my code


If you are saying that you want to 'stop' the current animation, then you need to call stop(). Consider the following example:

        function() {
            $(this).animate({height:300}, 1000);
        function() {
            $(this).animate({height:100}, 1000);

#box {
    background: orange;
    width: 100px;
    height: 100px;

<div id='box'></box>

If the animation is in progress when you 'mouseout', calling $(this).stop() will halt the animation and start the 'mouseout' animation. If there is no animation for 'mouseout', then simply call $(this).stop().

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@patrick you are first star :) I know this, hover or mouseover but i want to write a mouseout, for stop mouseover effects. –  jasmine Feb 8 '10 at 19:47
@jasmine - Unless I misunderstand you, that is exactly what hover() does. It takes two separate functions. The first gets called when you 'mouseover'. The second gets called when you 'mouseout'. Am I missing your point? Now go check some boxes! :o) –  user113716 Feb 8 '10 at 19:50
@patrick; I know the hover but; There is an iamge rotator sohtanaka.com/web-design/examples/image-rotator But I want to change "click" to "hover". But my friend that when you change "click" to "hover" and when you move the mouse from top to bottom, all tabs changed. He daid that you may use "mouseout" event. –  jasmine Feb 8 '10 at 20:02
@jasmine - I see. You need to bind the 'mouseout' event. See my new edit in the middle of my answer. You call $('#myelement').bind('mouseout', function(){ // my code }) –  user113716 Feb 8 '10 at 20:06
I know the samples and examples from tutorials but i cant edit the above code. Im not professional in jquery and this rotator code is very heavy for me :( Thanks for help –  jasmine Feb 8 '10 at 20:19

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