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1) Released the first version of an application in Normal mode [One apk for all]

2) Second Version was intended to be released in an Advance Mode [Two apk's; one for 2.2+ and second for 3.0+]

--> But while uploading did a mistake in numbering my version code; [The Documentations states that the apk supporting higher api level should have higher version code.]

The mistake was in naming version code 2 to the apk with support 3.0+ and version code 3 for api level 2.2+ [opposite was required]

AND THE APK FOR 3.0+ is already uploaded, and play store is not accepting the apk for 2.2 due version code.

Please help me in this scenario! My update needs to be out for 2.2+ user.

Please suggest me all possible solutions; I am ready to deploy these apk as another version also. Please Help.

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