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I have a scenario : I have developed a Android Library file and a external server for database upload. To access the external server(for upload or for database query), Developer has to use the generated API Key in his / her application.

Developer register his application on my server provided with a web-page to register the details. I generated an unique API key.

Question(s) :

1) How and where can I enforce the API key check with respect to my server?(Consider it the same case as we register for any google webservice for android, say Map API, and use the generated API key in the manifest file to communicate with the external server).

2) How can I enforce a API key check in android manifest file for a web-service that I have designed?

3) What I have to add in my web-service and android library file to enforce all these?

What and how should I design my class(es) to achieve this objective.

Sorry for a theory question. I don't even know how exactly I can search this. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

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