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I have a database table on a development server that is now fully populated after I set it running with an import routine for a CSV file containing 1.4 million rows.

I ran the Database Publishing Wizard on the table, and now I have a 286MB SQL script on my local machine. The problem is, I can't figure out how to run it. If I load it into SQL Server Management Studio Express I get an alert window that says "The operation could not be completed".

Any ideas on how I can get this SQL script to run?

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I asked a similar question on DBA and received some pretty good feedback (dba.stackexchange.com/questions/16763/…) –  spaghetticowboy Apr 23 '12 at 13:20

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Running something that large inside a single transaction is not a good idea. Therefore, I'd recommend breaking up the file into smaller, more manageable chunks.

Another option is to look at some of the other ways to import CSV data directly.

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use the sqlcmd tool to execute the file..

sqlcmd -S myServer\instanceName -i C:\myScript.sql
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Using this method I get the error "Sqlcmd: Error: Scripting error." Is this to do with the size of the file? –  tags2k Oct 21 '08 at 16:16
first check on the connectivity. maybe you have to pass username and password (-U -P options). can you also try with a smaller file. I have ran huge scripts without any issues. –  Gulzar Nazim Oct 21 '08 at 16:18
If I take out all but 15 INSERT statements, it works. If I put the other 1,410,472 statements back in it fails with that error message. –  tags2k Oct 21 '08 at 16:27
Are all these statements inside a transaction? maybe it is timing out. try setting the timeout to 0 (infinite) before you run this. –  Gulzar Nazim Oct 21 '08 at 16:32
i am also bit curious to know what text editor are you using for editing that file :) –  Gulzar Nazim Oct 21 '08 at 16:34

Why not just use DTS to import the CSV file directly?

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A bunch of processing needs to be done on the data first, which I don't want running on the live server. Therefore, I need to be able to process the data into a simple SQL script to minimize the work required by that box. –  tags2k Oct 22 '08 at 10:58

This tool (Big SQL Script File Runner) on CodePlex will run any size script file with log and GUI.

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