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for this list ,

l=[i for i in range(1,100)]

How can i restrict to print only 1st 20 elements.

What i am trying to do is ,

>>> counter=0
>>> for index , i in enumerate(l):
...    if counter==20:
...        break
...    print index , i
...    counter+=1

Is there is another way to do this without using counter variable ?

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Use a sliced list, like this

l=[i for i in range(1,100)]
for index, i in enumerate(l[:20]):
    print index, i

Or you can use itertools.islice, to avoid generating entire list and instead iterate over xrange as long as you want, like this

from itertools import islice
for index, i in enumerate(islice(xrange(1, 100), 20)):
    print index, i
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Nishant N.'s answer is the probably the best. But your code would also have worked had you changed your if statement to read

if i == 20:

Just in case you wondered why it wasn't working (also you would have needed to set counter to 0 before the code you posted, but I accept that may just have been omitted.

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