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Looking at other SO answers about ResultSet I created an Iterator for it:

class RsIterator(rs: ResultSet) extends Iterator[ResultSet] {
  override def hasNext =
  override def next() = rs

Then I'm using it to create a list:

def selectOneCol[T](q: String, params: Any*): Seq[T] = selectInner(q, params: _*) { rs =>
  for (rsRow <- new RsIterator(rs)) yield rsRow.getObject(1).asInstanceOf[T]

And what IDEA tells me is "Expression of type Iterator[T] doesn't conform to expected type _T" and I'm guessing it's because I'm expected to return a Seq but return an Iterator instead. I understand Scala yields an Iterator because it's where the elements initially come from, but why isn't this working? --

(for (rsRow <- new RsIterator(rs)) yield rsRow.getObject(1).asInstanceOf[T])(collection.breakOut)

The error is "Application does not take parameters" for the breakOut call. Does this mean Scala doesn't "know" how to convert an Iterator into a Seq, or should my custom Iterator implement some special interfaces to make it work?

P.S. I know Iterator.toSeq works, just interested to know why the breakOut ... breaks.


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