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Hi have a macro (lets call it Macro A) in a Word document that I want to do the following:

  1. Open an existing macro-enabled workbook that has a macro in it (Macro B)
  2. Run Macro B.
  3. Close and save the macro-enable workbook as a .xls.

I've managed to get everything working except part 2 - Running the macro. Please help!!!

This is what I have so far:

Public Sub Monthly_Commission_Extract()
On Error GoTo ErrHandler:
Dim oExcel As Excel.Application
Dim oWB As Excel.Workbook
Dim strFileName As String
Dim SaveAs As String
strFileName = "\\stnlinasshd01\P403759\Hiport Admin\Month End\Monthly Commission       Extract\MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER"
SaveAs1 = "\\stnlinasshd01\P403759\Hiport Admin\Month End\Monthly Commission Extract\2nd Save"

Set oExcel = New Excel.Application
Workbooks.Open FileName:="\\stnlinasshd01\P403759\Hiport Admin\Month End\Monthly    Commission Extract\MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER.xlsm"
oExcel.Visible = True

Application.Run "MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER.xls!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data()"

ActiveWorkbook.Application.DisplayAlerts = False
ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs SaveAs1, xlOpenXMLWorkbook, CreateBackup:=False
ActiveWorkbook.Application.DisplayAlerts = True


Exit Sub
MsgBox Err.Description, vbCritical, "HELP ME"

End Sub

The code is failing at this line:

Application.Run "MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER.xls!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data()"
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Try this one:

oExcel.Run "'MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER.xlsm'!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data"

Or better yet, use Set like this:

Dim oWB As Excel.Workbook
Set oWB = oExcel.Workbooks.Open(Filename:="\\stnlinasshd01\P403759\Hiport Admin\Month End\Monthly    Commission Extract\MONTHLY COMMISSION MASTER.xlsm")
oExcel.Visible = True

oExcel.Run "'" & oWB.Name & "'!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data"
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Thanks you. It worked when I ran it as follows: –  Andrew Mar 7 at 10:49
ActiveWorkbook.Application.Run "'" & oWB.Name & "'!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data" –  Andrew Mar 7 at 10:50
@Andrew, sorry, my mistake, this one should work: oExcel.Run "'" & oWB.Name & "'!Retrieve_Monthly_Commission_Data" –  simoco Mar 7 at 13:18

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