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I would like to add a custom major tick and label in matplotlib. A typical use is to add a label at the location math.pi with the label "$\pi$". My aim is to leave the other ticks as is: I would like to retain the original major and minor ticks with the formatting that have been previously chosen but with this extra tick and label. I have figured out a way (and found posts on these forums) to add the tick:


My trouble is with the label. I have tried to retrieve the labels in a similar way with ax.xaxis.get_majorticklabels() but that gives me a list of matplotlib.text.Textwhich I am unsure how to deal with. My intention was to get the list of labels as strings, to add the new label (at the correct position) and then use ax.xaxis.set_ticklabels(list_label) in a way that is similar to the location.

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This is what I usually do, though I've never been completely satisfied with the approach. There may be a better way, without calling draw().

plt.draw()#this is required, or the ticklabels may not exist (yet) at the next step
labels = [ w.get_text() for w in ax.get_xticklabels()]

enter image description here

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That seems to work. I had tried the get_text() method but I did not called the plt.draw() method and I was confused. Still I wonder if there are no other approaches. Let's wait other possible answers... – olivier Mar 7 '14 at 10:16

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