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 <select ng-model="data.retour.selectedAmount" ng-options="c.name for c in getAmountArray(data.retour.amount)">


 angular.extend($scope, {
    * Data properties
    * @property view
    data: {
    getAmountArray: function (amount) {
        amount = parseInt(amount, 10);
        var i, lArray = [];
        for (i = 1; i < (amount + 1); i++) {
            lArray.push({name: i});
        return lArray;

With the above code I'm trying to generate a dynamic 1-(amount+1) range dropdown. All seems to work, except for there is an empty value added to the dropdown. Why is this empty value added?

E.G. when amount is 1 the generated list is



and it should be

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You start i counter to 1 instead of 0 –  Paul Rad Mar 7 at 9:57
ye because i don't want 0 to be displayed. (e.g. if amount is 10 --> 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 should be shown) –  Vincent Mar 7 at 9:58

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It happens with ng-options when you do not set your ng-model. Setting your $scope.data.retour.selectedAmount to one of the values returned by getAmountArray() should fix it.

You could do that in your controller or simply set it up in the view using ng-init. For exmaple, the following selects 1 and eliminates the blank space:

<select ng-model="data.retour.selectedAmount" ng-options="c.name as c.name for c in getAmountArray(data.retour.amount)" ng-init="data.retour.selectedAmount = 1"></select>
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Doing this doesn't remove the blank option. Could this be because the arraylist is built dynamically? –  Vincent Mar 7 at 12:02
I don't see why it shouldn't work. I've created a Fiddle that demonstrates it. Did you add the as c.name in your ng-options? –  kubuntu Mar 7 at 12:15
You're right it works with your code. But why did you add c.name as ? –  Vincent Mar 7 at 12:30
Without as, what you have is label for value in array. However, since you want to make an initial selection, you need to use select as label for value in array. Sometimes, you may want your select to be different from label - like selecting ids while displaying names as label. Refer to AngularJS select directive –  kubuntu Mar 7 at 12:45

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