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I wrote a Matlab code and I want to port it in Octave. I use the function Matfile in order to load a .mat file containing volimunous data. Is there an equivalent to this function in GNU Octave? ( PS : the function load doens't work for this purpose). Thank you in advance

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possible duplicate of How do you open .mat files in Octave? –  andrelucas Mar 7 at 11:25
See stackoverflow.com/questions/9915658/… According to that page, The load function works, but the data may require you to write your own processing functions –  andrelucas Mar 7 at 11:26
Thank you for your answer. The load function doesn't work, not even using Matlab. This is probably due to data volume and I have no idea about how data is structered ( It is a huge database of radar measurements that was given to me). Unless I load it, I don't know how I can see the contents. –  user3392041 Mar 7 at 14:03
In that case, can you load it in matlab, convert to say .csv, and then load the csv into octave? –  andrelucas Mar 8 at 12:22

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