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is there any way I can get reference of MPMediaItem from raw mp3 file bundled in main bundle as a resource?

Thanks in advance.

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No, MPMediaItem is a file in the iPod library. It is clearly stated in the documentation:

A media item represents a single piece of media (such as one song or one video podcast) in the iPod library.

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Lightening fast man !!! thanks for the info... then is there any way I can retrieve artist info, song info and other properties from song with out using MPMediaItem cause I know how to use MPMediaItem to retrieve them. Please help me out. – Saty Mar 7 '14 at 10:10
Yes that is possible, see this answer:… – rckoenes Mar 7 '14 at 10:14
Okay..I will give it a try and come back to let you know however u r damn good!!!! – Saty Mar 7 '14 at 10:20
Okay thanx man ....I got my infos now. – Saty Mar 7 '14 at 10:44

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