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I'm trying to using queues to ensure my files are loaded fully before the script continues. However, when I load in my json map files and try to use them in a function, I get an error.

var counties = svg.append("g")
    .attr("id", "counties")
    .attr("class", "Blues");

var states = svg.append("g")
    .attr("id", "states");

    .defer(d3.json, "county.json")
    .defer(d3.json, "state.json")
    .defer(d3.json, "Crashes.json")

function ready(county, state, crashes) {
    var countyFeatures = topojson.feature(county, county.objects.counties);
    var stateFeatures = topojson.feature(state, state.objects.states);

        .attr("class", "q8-9")
        .attr("d", path);

        .attr("d", path);   

The error is Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'objects' of null

Can someone explain why when passing into the function it is null? As opposed to running d3.json separately and using

d3.json("URL", function(d) {var temp = topojson.feature(d, d.objects.counties;});


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The first parameter of your ready function should always be "error". So the fact that it is null is actually a good thing! Rewrite it as function ready(error, county, state, crashes) { etc., and all should be well. –  AmeliaBR Mar 7 '14 at 20:38
Thanks! However, I still have the problem with my json files. Truly sorry about this. I posted it here. stackoverflow.com/questions/22245367/… –  kthieu Mar 8 '14 at 2:41

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