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I need to check to see if a string contains at least one number in it using Ruby (and I assume some sort of regex?).

How would I do that?

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You can use the String class's =~ method with the regex /\d/ as the argument.

Here's an example:

s = 'abc123'

if s =~ /\d/         # Calling String's =~ method.
  puts "The String #{s} has a number in it."
  puts "The String #{s} does not have a number in it."
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if /\d/.match( theStringImChecking ) then
   #yep, there's a number in the string
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Rather than use something like "s =~ /\d/", I go for the shorter s[/\d/] which returns nil for a miss (AKA false in a conditional test) or the index of the hit (AKA true in a conditional test). If you need the actual value use s[/(\d)/, 1]

It should all work out the same and is largely a programmer's choice.

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Alternatively, without using a regex:

def has_digits?(str)
  str.count("0-9") > 0
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that's probably less efficient, if you ignore the overhead of compiling the regular expression (which is fair if the test is being done in a large loop or the string to check is very long). For a degenerative case, your solution must traverse the entire string whereas a proper regular expression will stop as soon as a digit is found. –  Bryan Oakley Feb 9 '10 at 15:30
while this one may not be maximally efficient, it is very readable which can be better for certain situations. –  erica Apr 4 at 9:29

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