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Can anybody show me how to feed 2 pass-phrases to gpg for encrypting in AES

Normally, I run:

echo "test" | gpg --batch --y --default-key C0A87D60 -o 100k.enc --sign --symmetric --compress-level 1 --cipher-algo AES 100K_text.txt

But it uses "test" for 2 purposes:

  • unlocking private key for signing the file,
  • and also use "test" as pass-phrase for encrypting in AES.

So it's not good in term of security

How can I specify 2 pass-phrase for each one ?

-one of private key -one of AES


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What makes you think it uses test as a passphrase for AES encryption? I think the AES secret key is randomly generated. It is then encrypted with the public key of recipient and the whole is signed with your private key. –  Joan Charmant Mar 21 at 11:36

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