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I having a GSP when it is accessed by two or more user at same time, It will throw

Row was updated or deleted by another transaction

Is there any way to share the render safely

Note: There is no update or save operation while rendering

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Dude ,Have you tired on the action who updates ,list and read or connected with the row can be

@Transactional or do some concurrencyStuff exception handling

//Assume your domains are implemented just like or to be like this

class Author {
    String name
    Integer age
    static hasMany = [books: Book]

//option one in your controllers or service class

Author.withTransaction { status ->
    new Author(name: "Stephen King", age: 40).save()
Author.withTransaction { status ->
    new Author(name: "Stephen King", age: 40).save()


def AuthorController () {


//or define a service like this

import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.Transactional
class BookService {

    @Transactional(readOnly = true)
    def listBooks() {

    def updateBook() {
        // …

    def deleteBook() {
        // …

for more visit : I hope this will be a bit useful ,Buddy!

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Can you make it bit clear, if you don't mind share your email, I can share my code –  Suganthan Mar 7 at 11:59
Dude, thanks for your time, in my controller their is no problem, it is due to the delay in rendering process –  Suganthan Mar 10 at 4:15

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