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I am building an application which takes 'City','State' ( For USA Only) and distance ( radius ) as user inputs and the output will be all the cities in that radius . Is there any free or paid web service available for this ?

Thanks for your help Regards Kaveri

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I havent used one in a while and even then only for geocoding complete addresses, but i think nearly any maps api (google, yahoo, etc..) is going to allow you to do this. Its probably not a single call to the api but the functionality should be there to implement it on your end once you have the geodata for the initial point. –  prodigitalson Feb 8 '10 at 21:18
Thanks for your comment .I checked google API but confused a bit . I downloaded geodata from ipinfodb.com for my work . It has all the needed information . I found API to get the distance between two cities (ZIP codes) but unfortunately I have to check against all the Cities to get the required result.I am sure there should be some way to get it in easy way.If you look at geobytes.com/IpLocator.htm on right hand side box they are providing all the cities nearer to your IP . I am some what looking for the same , But in my case user enters City info and the distance . -Kaveri –  user268982 Feb 9 '10 at 20:11

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