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I am currently struggling trying to implement a tcp watchdog/retry system using rx, your help will be greatly appreciated.

Having an Observable, I'd like to have an Observable resulting from periodically check whether we still can write to the socket. Easy enough, I can do something like this:

class SocketSubscribeFunc implements Observable.OnSubscribeFunc<Socket> {
  private final String hostname;
  private final int port;
  private Socket socket;

  SocketSubscribeFunc(String hostname, int port) {
    this.hostname = hostname;
    this.port = port;

  public Subscription onSubscribe(final Observer<? super Socket> observer) {
    try {
      log.debug("Trying to connect...");
      socket = new Socket(hostname, port);
    } catch (IOException e) {
    return new Subscription() {
      public void unsubscribe() {
        try {
        } catch (IOException e) {

Observable<Socket> socketObservable = Observable.create(new SocketSubscribeFunc(hostname,port));
Observable<Boolean> watchdog = Observable.combineLatest(socketObservable, Observable.interval(1, TimeUnit.SECONDS), new Func2<Socket, Long, Boolean>() {

  public Boolean call(final Socket socket, final Long aLong) {
    try {
      return true;
    } catch (IOException e) {
     return false;

Now, I want to retry connecting if the socket can be acquired (server/link is down at creation) or becomes unwritable (server/link is unreachable after successful connection). Ideally by resubscribing to the socket Observable whose OnSubscribeFunc creates the connection using the retry operator. As you can see this would introduce a circular dependency between the socket and the watchdog Observables. I toyed for a while with switchMap/materialize... in order to propagate the eventual error to no avail.

I am close to abandon this idea and using Subjects from side-effecting code. But there should be a better way somewhere in the global mind :)

Thanks in advance!

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