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I'm observing really strange behaviour. I have bound a UIProgressView located inside a custom cell view to a float property of my view model. To make clear here is my view model in core layer:

public class DownloadCellViewModel: MvxViewModel
    float _Progress;
    public float Progress {
            return _Progress;
            _Progress = value;
            this.RaisePropertyChanged (() => this.Progress);

and here is my cell view binding code in UI front-end layer:

public DownloadCell (IntPtr handle) : base (handle)
        this.DelayBind(() => {
            var set = this.CreateBindingSet<DownloadCell, DownloadCellViewModel> ();

            set.Bind(ProgressDownload).For(p=>p.Progress).To(item=> item.Progress);


Please note, ProgressDownload is a UIProgressView which I put it on xib file. Now the problem is when I run this code it works as expected in simulator but on device I get following error:

MvxBind:Warning:104,99 Failed to create target binding for binding Progress for Progress

Any ideas?

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thanks. just added this line public void Include(UIProgressView progressView) { progressView.Progress = progressView.Progress; } to linker and works fine now – mr-ma Mar 7 '14 at 13:43
The linker strikes again. – valdetero Mar 7 '14 at 15:47

I believe the linker optimisation is causing the problem Add the following to the LinkerPleaseInclude.cs file

public class LinkerIncludePlease
        public void Include(MvxTableViewCell vc)
            vc.BackgroundColor = UIColor.Blue;
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