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i have a problem concerning redirecting in php running on cgi-server. the problem is the cgi-server is ignoring the redirecting command some how, so no redirecting. to be clear: there is no problem when i use the same script on apache.

okay now the details: i am using the Header('Location:'.$URL) function to Redirect from one script to another. i have tried to use relative URL and complete URLs, but still it seems i haven't write a Redirect in the script.

for example i created a test-script with



when i run the script on a Apache then i would be redirected to Google, on the cgi-server i will give me a blank page with no quellcode well... the Editor indicates me 2 lines but there were also empty.

there is also some other code stuff in the final script, but they are working fine on Apache and cgi. the only Problem now is the redirecting thats why i tested it in a short script and still it doesnt work without any other "troublemakers".

i have work with php for a couple years but now the first time on cgi. from my experience there shouldn't be a Problem on the php-side, but i really have no clue whats going on in cgi... so i guess there is a Problem there? some cgi Settings?

again: the Skript (see above) is working fine on Apache (without the first line #!...) but on cgi it doesn't :-(

Please help me!

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I have encountered this before, usually happens because there is no space between the redirect location and the semicolon of location.

Try :


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Thanks for the fast answer... i have tried it with the additional space, but still... doesn't work :-( – tiger Mar 7 '14 at 12:38
did you have a look at this? – Stiven Llupa Mar 7 '14 at 12:45
the force-Redirect is switched off (order from serveradmin) so there shouldn't be any Problem with differentiating between Redirect or direct calling. the site to which i was first redirecting is also working on cgi so there is no error why the redirecting shouldn't work either. but did i understand you right, that you meant that there could be a forced_Redirect so i wasn't allowed to call the redirecting-page? if yes: again this is set off so this shouldn't be the Problem :-( but thanks again for your fast answer and your effort... i really hope that the solution is that easy :) desprate – tiger Mar 7 '14 at 13:00
Okay... i give up... this Problem i have doesn't exists on my private Webspace... (but in that case im not quite sure if this really run on a cgi-Server, but well the first line doesn't Pop up, so the chances are high that i tried it on a cgi-space) so this Problem will be moved to my serveradmin. -.- – tiger Mar 7 '14 at 18:06

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