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I used the preg_match function and it works fine when a match occur but it also returns true when a match does not occurs. the code i am using is:

if (preg_match('/[slider]/',$value)) {
//return $kk=preg_match('/[slider]/',$value);
$out=delete_all_between('[', ']', $value);

$xx=explode("[slider id=",$value);

    $zz=str_replace(']', '', $yy);
    $slider_query=mysqli_query($con,"select images_id from sliders where id='$zz'");
    foreach($split_images_id as $si)
    $image_query=mysqli_query($con,"select image_url from gallery where id='$si' ");
    $data.='<li><a href="#"><img src="uploads/'.$image.'" height="80px" width="80px"></a></li>';
    return $out.$data;
     return $value;

once $value contains the [slider] and second time &value does not contain [slider] please any solution and feel free for any doubt.

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[slider] is a character class, meaning, preg_match() will return a truthy value if any of the characters in the list are found in the supplied string. You need to explicity escape the characters [ and ] to match the string [slider]:

if (preg_match('/\[slider\]/', $value)) {
    # code...
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please see my code i am using the same as you are saying.... –  Amy-Amy Mar 7 at 13:20
@Amy-Amy: You are using preg_match('/[slider]/',$value), but you need to use preg_match('/\[slider\]/',$value) instead. Note how [ and ] are escaped. –  Amal Murali Mar 7 at 13:22
ok...thanks a lot now it is working...:) –  Amy-Amy Mar 7 at 13:23
@Amy-Amy: Glad I could help. I suggest you go through a basic regex tutorial first, so you could avoid such minor errors in future. Cheers! –  Amal Murali Mar 7 at 13:25
your condition is working fine but the function in the true condition is not working now... –  Amy-Amy Mar 7 at 13:51

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