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i have a C console application that write a text to a file:

 FILE *f;
 f = fopen("out", "w");
 fprintf(f, "%s","My Text");

when i run it from explorer it works fine, but when i run it using another application the file does not create and the text not saved

even with the administrator rights

can any one help me ?

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don't run as admin, set up a new unprivileged account (not your normal account), to run your C experiments in. –  richard Mar 7 at 14:46
put an absolute file name like "C:\\out" (windows) or "/home/out" (linux), to avoid out being created in the other application working directory –  Antoine Mar 7 at 14:46
could be your present working directory. The program may be or trying to write to an unexpected place. –  richard Mar 7 at 14:47
side note: I don't think you need the rewind. –  richard Mar 7 at 14:49
You might like to test the result of the call to fopen(). It return NULL on failure. –  alk Mar 7 at 14:52

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Your out file is a relative path and it may be set e.g. to your third-party application directory. Or maybe it changes its current directory to something else and it results your app saving out there? If you're not sure, you can always try to pass absolute path to your out file.

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Exactly the problem! Thank you very much! –  Dark-Core Mar 7 at 17:25

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