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fips   value   scc     param
 1      1      123     CO
 1      1.1    124     CO
 1      1.2    125     notCO
 2      1.3    122     CO
 2      1.4    142     CO

I would like to select the sum of value where scc starts with 12 and param="CO" and have them grouped by fips. SCC is unique per fips (as in multiple fips might have same scc)

I would like these results:

fips   sum  
 1     2.1  
 2     1.3  

I really hope that makes sense.

The query I'm currently using is:

 , sum(value)
 , param
   scc LIKE '12%'

but I have to have column scc in group by or aggregate, grrr.

If I include scc in group by, I get:

fips     sum    param
1        1       CO
1        1.1     CO
2        1.3     CO
2        1.4     CO

which is not summed at all. That's not what I want.

I'm attempting to simplify this. I actually have a bunch of other columns I hope shouldn't interfere (I could be way wrong), but I hope the design idea is there. If anyone has any suggestions, I really would be incredibly grateful.

If anyone has any questions that might help them help me, I'd love to hear it. Thanks to all.

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Put the condition in WHERE instead of HAVING.

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Ha, beautiful. Shows how little I know about sql. Thanks so very much. – ed. Feb 8 '10 at 22:37

You probably should filter SSC in the where clause, not the having clause:

select fips, sum(value)
from YourTable
where param = 'CO'
and ssc like '12%'
group by fips
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