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I'm new to AngularJS and I want to change the behavior of a button dynamically.

As I am used to JQuery, I use element.attr('ng-click', 'controller.function()');

But, as I understood AngularJS needs to compile the new DOM. But, in my head "compile" = "cost".

What is the best practice :

  • Change/Add DOM elements then compile when needed.
  • Hide another button, and just show/hide the one I need.

Thank you !

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ng-hide and ng-show directives, or ng-switch if you're switching between multiple elements. "The Angular way", as I understand it, is not to add or remove DOM elements explicitly at all, just show or hide them. –  Blazemonger Mar 7 at 15:30
You'd better have two different buttons and show necessary one at a time with ng-show. –  dfsq Mar 7 at 15:32
Ok, thank you both :)! –  ogdabou Mar 7 at 15:32

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I prefer to use ng-switch for these type of things. It ends up being much simpler and its always a good idea to make use of the existing angular directives where possible. Other developers working on your project will appreciate the simplicity.


the html...

<div ng-switch="state">
    <button ng-switch-when="0" ng-click="updateState()">Label 1</button>
    <button ng-switch-when="1" ng-click="updateState()">Label 2</button>

and the javascript...

$scope.state = 0;
$scope.updateState = function () {
    $scope.state = $scope.state === 0 ? 1 : 0;   
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i like this answer as well, clear and concise. –  Nathaniel Currier Mar 7 at 18:51
I choosed to use this ! As I am the first step on AngularJS of my team it's important if it is more understandable. Thank you all –  ogdabou Mar 12 at 9:37

i generally hand that type of thing in angular like so


<button ng-click="myButton.actions[myButton.state]()">


$scope.myButton = {
    state: 0,        
    labels: ['label 1','label 2'],    
    actions: [
        function() {$scope.myButton.state = 1;},
        function() {$scope.myButton.state = 0;}

here is a fiddle to see it in action


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I like your answer because the state/behavior changement is a part of the button itself. It's working now with a boolean and ng-show but I think it is less clear in the code than this. Thank you, I'll try it :) –  ogdabou Mar 7 at 16:16

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