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I am using the standard asynchronous publisher example. and i noticed that the publisher will keep publishing the same message in a loop forever. So i commented the schedule_next_message call from publish_message to stop that loop. But what i really want is for the publissher to start and publish only when a user give it a "message_body" and "Key"

basically publisher to publish the user inputs.

i was not able to fin any examples or hints of how to make the publisher take inputs from user in real time. I am new to raabitmq, pika, python e.t.c

here is the snippet of code i am talking about :-

def publish_message(self):
    """If the class is not stopping, publish a message to RabbitMQ,
    appending a list of deliveries with the message number that was sent.
    This list will be used to check for delivery confirmations in the
    on_delivery_confirmations method.

    Once the message has been sent, schedule another message to be sent.
    The main reason I put scheduling in was just so you can get a good idea
    of how the process is flowing by slowing down and speeding up the
    delivery intervals by changing the PUBLISH_INTERVAL constant in the

    if self._stopping:

    message = {"service":"sendgrid", "sender": "", "receiver": "", "subject": "test notification", "text":"sample email"}
    routing_key = "email"
    properties = pika.BasicProperties(app_id='example-publisher',

    self._channel.basic_publish(self.EXCHANGE, routing_key,
                                json.dumps(message, ensure_ascii=False),
    self._message_number += 1
    self._deliveries.append(self._message_number)'Published message # %i', self._message_number)

def schedule_next_message(self):
    """If we are not closing our connection to RabbitMQ, schedule another
    message to be delivered in PUBLISH_INTERVAL seconds.

    if self._stopping:
        return'Scheduling next message for %0.1f seconds',

def start_publishing(self):
    """This method will enable delivery confirmations and schedule the
    first message to be sent to RabbitMQ

    """'Issuing consumer related RPC commands')

the site does not let me add the solution .. i was able to solve my issue using raw_input()


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I know I'm a bit late to answer the question but have you looked at this one?

Seems to be a bit more related to what you need than using a full async publisher. Normally you use those with a Python Queue to pass messages between threads.

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