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I'm interested in making my own small gui designer for learning purposes in Qt. Just basic drag and drop from left panel which would have controls, to right panel on which they could be selected, moved, resized and have their properties changed (name and such) and eventually (if selected) be lined up.

I would use QGraphicsScene as the right panel cause it already has selecting and moving implemented. But how would I implement resizing? And then how would I generate a QWidget class with controls at same positions? Or is there an easier way?

What would be the best way to implement all of this? All suggestions are welcome and keep in mind that it won't be complex as Qt designer.

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This is an extremely non-trivial application "for learning purposes in Qt". –  cmannett85 Mar 7 at 17:22
It's not my first time using Qt or c++, it's meant as in "perfecting" my knowledge in Qt and learning THIS in particular, therefore - learning purposes. –  rndm Mar 7 at 17:36

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You need to define some widgets, which are going to be dragged from the left panel -maybe a tree view with icons- and dropped to the scene.

These widgets should inherit from QGraphicsWidget. You can also inherit QWidget and put the widgets into scene via QGraphicsProxyWidget. They can be resized by highlighting corners and overloading the mouse events. Please check out corner grabbers and sizable box examples. Also check out QSizeGrip. It is the resizing grip of any QStatusBar.

Property panel is the easiest, you should list the properties of the clicked item. To line up, you can reinvent the wheel and write a layout maker class, or simply use QGraphicsLayout and highlight the layout on your interface. Ctrl+left click should select multiple widgets, a layout button should layout them programmatically, and a bounding rectangle item should be drawn.

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I already made a widget with control icons which can be dragged and dropped to the QGraphicsScene. These controls inherit QGraphicsPixmapItem and later their positions and sizes will determine real control positions and sizes on another QWidget. The only problem I have here is making these controls resizable. If I now switch to custom QGraphicsWidget, how can I make them paint regular controls (QPushButtons etc)? –  rndm Mar 8 at 11:21
Did you take a look at QGraphicsProxyWidget usage? –  canberk Mar 8 at 12:06
Yes I did, but these widgets aren't movable and selectable when on QGraphicsScene, they respond to mouse events like normal widgets do. –  rndm Mar 8 at 12:24
OK, then stick to graphicswidget and utilize the painter device to draw your stuff. Since it inherits QGraphicsItem, you can overload the paint method. Example here codeprogress.com/cpp/libraries/qt/… –  canberk Mar 8 at 12:37

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