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I have a problem with selecting a property on a compartmentshape of a dsl. What I want to do is:

I have a DSL with one compartmentshape which has many properties in one compartment. Each of this properties has a textfield which is used for saving c# code. I compile this code and add the error tasks to the error list. I added an event handler for the navigate event of the error task. Inside this handler, i would like to select the property of the compartmentshape which is responsible for the error. I tried many things, but didn't succeeded. This is my current selection logic:

public void Select(Rule rule)
  Library.Field ruleField = rule.Field as Library.Field;
  var ruleFieldPresentation = PresentationViewsSubject.GetPresentation(ruleField as ModelElement).FirstOrDefault() as ShapeElement;

  VSDiagramView activeDiagramView = Diagram.ActiveDiagramView as VSDiagramView;
  if (activeDiagramView != null)
    var docView = activeDiagramView.DocView;
    docView.CurrentDiagram.ActiveDiagramView.Selection.Set(new DiagramItem(ruleFieldPresentation));

The problem seems that an property of the compartmentshape doesn't have a presentationview, because I'm not able to get it.

I would be glad and very grateful if someone can helpe me with this problem.

Thank you Regards Manuel

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I wanted to open an error from the error list. There is a better solution than using the navigation event on an error. The better solution is to add a validation rule to the domain class and add the error with the context to the error list. Than the navigation to the property works out of the box.

context.LogError(errorDescription, "GAIN001RuleCompilationError", Field); 
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