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So I am just wondering how could I implement a ListView with GridView with hidden checkboxes in WPF. Windows Explorer has this behavior in Windows 8, when you hover the mouse over a row, a checkbox will be shown before the first column. This behavior helps extended selection.

Here is a sample: http://www.liberiangeek.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/item_check_box_windows8_thumb.png

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Bind the Visibility of the CheckBox to the IsHighlighted property of the ListViewItem using a RelativeSource binding and a BoolToVisibilityConverter. What Have You Tried?? –  HighCore Mar 7 at 16:00
Thanks for your answer! Could you please provide a sample code? Btw, it looks like that the Checkboxes column is not really a separate column in Windows Explorer 8. –  the_analyst Mar 7 at 16:05
Please read the article linked in my previous comment. –  HighCore Mar 7 at 16:06
It didn't help, thanks for the guideline though. –  the_analyst Mar 7 at 16:12
My point is that you need to come up with something better than just "gimme the codez" type of stuff here in StackOverflow. We expect you to post the code you already tried, and if you didn't try anything, go try something and come back here with a proper question. As currently written, your question is not in a proper format for StackOverflow. –  HighCore Mar 7 at 16:28

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