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i installed fresh cakephp. its app controller working fine. but when i write my controller and its view but this result in page not found. My code is given below

class PostsController extends Controller {
    public $helpers = array('Html', 'Form');
    public function index() {
        $this->set('posts', $this->Post->find('all'));

and create folder named Posts in view folder and over there create index.ctp file as well. but its result in page not found. Please help what may be mistake by me or is there any need to configuration. Thanks

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The code looks fine. Which CakePHP version do you use? What is the filename of your controller? And how do you try to access your controller? –  dhofstet Mar 7 at 16:26
version 2.4.6 filename PostController.php www.example.com/Post/index –  user2875761 Mar 7 at 16:29
You should be navigating to posts with an s, as in www.example.com/posts/index (the capitalization doesn't matter on "posts" or "index") –  Kai Mar 7 at 16:32
i tried both posts and Posts but same result –  user2875761 Mar 7 at 16:40
The file has to be named PostsController.php and you have to access it in the way @Kai mentioned. –  dhofstet Mar 7 at 16:44

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Your controller should be named PostsController.php (ie plural)

Just spotted it, you need to extend AppController in CakePHP 2.x, not Controller: ie:

class PostsController extends AppController {
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change controller PostsController.php but same result –  user2875761 Mar 7 at 16:49
See edit to answer above re: extending App Controller –  theotherdy Mar 7 at 16:55
sorry changes to AppController. but same. is there any need to configure somewhere for routing? –  user2875761 Mar 7 at 16:57
Is it a 1.3 application which you're upgrading to 2.4? –  theotherdy Mar 7 at 20:24

there might problem apache rewrite module. if you are using WAMP, just put on your rewrite module.

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