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How do I close a particular window using a batch script?

Example: I have many existing windows open, and I open "My Computer" in Windows 7. How can I close this using a batch script?

also try to answer How to start an .exe or any type of file which is hiiden using BATCH FILE? too!!

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Maybe using SendKeys. Save the following as Closer.vbs:

set shell = createobject("wscript.shell")
rcSuccess = shell.AppActivate("title of window to activate")
if rcSuccess = 1 then shell.sendkeys "%{F4}"

Then make a batch file called CloseApp.BAT containing

REM Close some App
cscript /nologo closer.vbs

And run using:

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try to make it using batch !! –  user3393326 Mar 7 at 16:28
I have edited my answer. –  Mark Setchell Mar 7 at 16:32

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