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I am using Encog Workbench Analysis Wizard. As I understood "target field" is the output neuron. Nevertheless, in my network I have 75 input neurons and 44 output neurons. I cannot figure out how I set up more than one target field in the Analysis Wizard. Could anyone help with it, please? Or do I misunderstand the conception of the target field in this case?

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Run the analyst wizard as normal. Let it choose one field for a single output. Then go into the .ega file. Scroll down to where it says [NORMALIZE:RANGE]. You will see a list of inputs and one output at the end. Now change the word input to output for all the relevant neurons.

Then you can change equilateral to oneof for all the target fields if you are using a 1 of n classification.

Yes target and output mean the same thing in this case.

If you are starting out with this, I highly recommend you begin the problem with say 5 or 10 input and output neurons, to greatly simplify your problem.

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