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I am trying to automate using uiautomator selection of APNs under Mobile network settings -> Access Point names Here, one APN can be selected by clicking its radio button. I am able to get and click the text part of the radio button. But not the radio button itself. I am unable to get the radio button for the supplied apn name. My code is as below, could anybody help. public testFunction(...) { ... clickItemByText("android.widget.RelativeLayout", "android.widget.RadioButton", name); ... }

private void clickItemByText(String collectionClassName, String objectClassName, String text) throws UiObjectNotFoundException 
    UiCollection collection = new UiCollection(new UiSelector().className(collectionClassName));
    UiObject object = collection.getChildByText(new UiSelector().className(objectClassName), text);

Thanks Rahul

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