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I am making a simple URL Request in my flex application like so:

var urlR:URLRequest = new URLRequest;
urlR.url = uTax;
navigateToURL(urlR, "_blank"); 

The uTax URL goes to one of our vendors websites, and consists of two parameters to load an individual property tax page. The syntax is similar to:


This gets encrypted server side to create a unique ID (I assume this is done for every request the vendor site receives), creating a new URL similar to this syntax:


This works just fine when I run the application while debugging.

However, when I build my project and go to the link it does not load the individual tax page, but the main search page.

Furthermore, I tested adding an Alert with the uTax URL to appear right before the URL request. If you copy/paste the URL from the Alert into the browser, it works - loading the individual tax page. It only does not work when coming from the URL Request in the built project.

I have contacted the vendor and awaiting their response, but I wanted to reach out to the community here and see if there was anything I can do or try to fix this issue.

Is there something obvious that I am missing here? I have other URL Requests in my application which have URL parameters and they all work as expected.

Any help appreciated!

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It turns out this is a restriction issue on the vendor side. –  evv_gis Mar 7 at 18:51

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