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I am using User submitted post plugin - Which provides form to post without login or registration. (A website reader can also add post to the website)

In this plugin there is a captcha set up like we should set a question and answer. The person who fill the answer and already given answer matches, then It allows to post.

I feel using this kind of captcha will not be good, since we should change the captcha question and answer periodically by manually.

So, what I thought is to add WP-reCaptcha plugin to my wordpress. one of best captcha plugin.

WP-reCaptcha plugin automatically supports for Comments form.

But I need this Captcha plugin to be used in the user submitted post plugin.

My Question is How can I use this reCaptcha (WP-reCaptcha) in the Post Form (user submitted post plugin)
Where I have to integrate reCaptcha code into post form code Or
Is there anyother ways to implement reCaptcha into this form?

Both are Plugin WP-reCaptcha Plugin & User Submitted Plugin.

And I don't have experience in decoding the plugins. But I can understand the code syntax by reviewing it.

Kindly help me on this. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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try to integrate the recaptcha with your wordpress page. read the link. its a bit lengthy code, instead of copying the codes ,just take a look at there.


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