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I'd like to switch to using Blueprints as much as possible, so how would I do something like Titan's getType in Blueprints?

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In Blueprints, there is no special class for types like TitanKey, since this is not required in every graph framework.

In Blueprints, you just specify the key name as String. The underlying graph implementation, in your case TitanBlueprintsGraph, then wraps itself.

You can see here, how to get all keys on a specific blueprints element and here, how to set them.

This is where titan encapsules the string and the key, while you can see here how it is implemented.

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Good answer, @Chasmo. This will be even more true in TinkerPop3. All index creation functions will have to be performed through the native Graph APIs. There is too much discrepancy among graph providers to generalize index creation and management. –  stephen mallette Mar 7 at 18:59
That sounds realy good. Im excited to see TinkerPop3 and how it will perform in production. –  Chasmo Mar 7 at 19:31

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