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How do I do a paginator sort and also specify it to go to the first page:

echo $paginator->sort('Make', 'Car.make');

If you're on page 6 and want to sort the list by car make. It sorts the list but puts you on page 6 of the sorted list. When someone clicks on the sort by "make" button, I want the paginator to take them to page 1 of the sort. I know there is an options['url']['page'] variable and that the sort function can be 'sort($title, $key = NULL, $options = array())'. However, I have no idea what the proper syntax is for setting that flag in the $paginator->sort statement above. Please help, thanks!

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Digging through the PaginatorHelper API a bit, this should work:

echo $paginator->sort('Make', 'Car.make', array('url' => array('page' => 1)));

Haven't tested it though.

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I tried this beforehand and it didn't work. It would still stay on page 6. – Hooman Ahmadi Feb 9 '10 at 4:57
Hmm, just tried it and it works for me. Cake 1.2.5. Care to post your code that doesn't work? – deceze Feb 9 '10 at 5:04
Ok it works now. Not sure why. Perhaps I didn't cut and paste correctly. However, there is still another issue. On the same page I have a form submit. Basically you can fix refine your search and submit. I'm havin the same issue. When you do a $form->end(); The page loads with new search criteria, but the paginator keeps it on page 6 (for example). How do I get the form submit to tell the paginator to go to page 1? – Hooman Ahmadi Feb 11 '10 at 1:20

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